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Using Truffle Oil

Truffle oil is a finishing oil used to enhance foods by adding to them after preparation. The oil adds nuance and subtlety to any dish to which it is added. However, there are certain ways I like to use the oil which really brings out its unique character.

  • Truffle oil on pasta in cream sauce
  • Truffle oil on risotto, especially porcini risotto
  • Truffle oil with butter for a special version of buttered popcorn
  • Truffle oil on cheese, especially triple crèmes and washed rind varieties
  • Truffle oil on carpaccio or thinly sliced specialty meats
  • Truffle oil on sauces made with wild mushrooms
  • Truffle oil on any cream sauce
  • Truffle oil blended with drawn butter for lobster or crab
  • Truffle oil on pizza
  • Truffle oil with flashed-seared foie gras
  • Truffle oil with butter on baked or mashed potatoes
  • Truffle oil with hoisin-rubbed sliced duck breast
  • Truffle oil with epoisses and prosciutto omelet
  • Truffle oil over caramelized onions and chopped sirloin
  • Truffle oil over scallops seared in sweet cream butter and slivered endive
  • Truffle oil over gnocchi with parmesan
  • Truffle oil vinaigrette with arugula
  • Truffle oil whipped with cream cheese on crostini
  • Truffle oil with creamed squash
  • Truffle oil on lentils with butter and savory
  • Sliced baguettes dipped in truffle oil
  • Truffle oil mayonnaise
  • Truffle oil with creamed corn

And one more way to enjoy Oregon truffle oil…
Truffles have been associated through the ages with sex and sensuality.  No surprise there, since sows have been used in France to track them down due to the presence of a pheromone which, when detected by the sow, prompts her to assume a position of the utmost congeniality.
In keeping with this legacy, may I suggest a final way to enjoy and share the truffle experience?  Simply place a small amount of the truffle oil in your mouth and share it with an intimate friend for what is called The Oregon Kiss.

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Salmon Cakes with Truffle Mayonnaise   ½ cup fresh bread crumbs ½ cup Portobello duxelles (see below) ¼ teaspoon cayenne pepper ½ teaspoon dried dill 1 egg beaten ...


I was given a sample of the truffle oil on a crostini whipped with cream cheese, and was swept away in the midst of lush flavors akin to a walk in an old growth forest, a break in the middle, some spice on the back of my tongue and that ancient, legendary truffle flavor jumping throughout the finish….

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