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Fresh Oregon white truffles are now available!

It's Truffle Season, Baby!

Dec 4, 2013

So we've dusted off the rakes, gassed up the Subaru and unearthed the Carhartt overalls for another cold and wet season of hunting the Oregon truffle. Mushroom season has come to a close here in the northwest and our attention now directs to those magical little orbs of white gold - the Oregon truffle.  Though they begin growing in October, we don't begin hunting in earnest until late November/early December for a couple of different reasons.


1.) There are more truffles now than there are early in the season.  The soil preserves them well, so why rush?


2.) The truffles have had more time to mature and are less likely to be "too young" to harvest.  It's true that many of the truffles we harvest come out of the ground in an unripe state.  However, what many people don't know, is that you can ripen truffles after they have been plucked from the earth!  Yeah! (Might need to give those details in another blog post)


Another season of producing the United States first authentic truffle oil is under way.  In addition to the truffle oil, we have just made fresh truffles available in our online store!  Order in quantities of 2 oz. or 5 oz.  Not only are you getting some beautiful truffles, but we also provide information on the ripening and care of your truffles AS WELL as some great secrets for maximizing your truffle enjoyment!

It seems that we learn something new about truffles each year and I'm sure this year will be no different.  For us, truffle hunting isn't just about business or even something to do for fun.  It's our passion.  We are honored to share Oregon truffle oil with you because we are sharing our passion in each bottle.  We're sharing our family legacy and generations of hard work, and we couldn't be more proud of it. So here's to a great truffle season, and a beautiful crop of Oregon truffles that will soon be on your table in the form of Oregon Truffle Oil!

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Salmon Cakes with Truffle Mayonnaise   ½ cup fresh bread crumbs ½ cup Portobello duxelles (see below) ¼ teaspoon cayenne pepper ½ teaspoon dried dill 1 egg beaten ...


…though many producers augment their product (truffle oil) with a chemical compound that mimics the truffles’ taste and aroma, making for a more potent but less refined taste. WE PREFER THE PURER CHARACTER OF ALL-NATURAL OILS LIKE THE JOEL PALMER HOUSE OREGON WHITE TRUFFLE OIL, WHICH CONTAINS THE ESSENCE OF OREGON TRUFFLES (It’s the ONLY truffle oil currently sold in this country containing domestically grown truffles).

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