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is a noted wild mushroom cooking authority
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Oregon White Truffle Oil - 2 oz. case (12 bottles)


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From Jack Czarnecki’s kitchen at the Joel Palmer House in Dayton, Oregon comes the first all-natural truffle oil ever produced in the United States. Made entirely from wild Oregon white truffles, this unique product with it’s rich, sumptuous flavor and aroma will enhance your personal larder with a truly unique culinary treasure. No less an authority than James Beard declared in 1983 that Oregon white truffles are at least as good as their Italian cousins.


Oregon white truffle oil is floral and herbal with strong hints of garlic and onion grass and even lychee.  However, it may first smell like petrol. Some people experience an aroma like old oil and some smell nothing at all.  A little aeration and addition to food will show the complex aromas of the white truffles.  Enjoy!

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The first all-natural truffle oil ever produced in the United States. Made entirely from wild Oregon white truffles.



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What to Expect When You Try Oregon Truffle Oil For The First Time


Our truffle oil is infused with genuine truffles whose Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) number close to 50. This large number of VOC in the truffle oil often creates different experiences for different people. Just remember that your first whiff is a concentrate of these gases and may not be pleasant to some. Like a fine wine the truffle oil benefits from some aeration to show off its complex and beguiling aromas. And remember, the taste is very consistent while the aromas may not be.


Also, because the oil is infused with so many VOC of varying intensity, a naturally infused truffle oil can never be as stridently powerful as a chemically infused truffle oil which contains only very strong synthesized chemicals.

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About) your wonderful truffle oil…let’s just say Europe’s got nothing on you. I love the fact that you are producing a local sustainable product which is excellent in quality. It has outstanding flavor and beautiful aromas.

Chef John Newman – Newman’s at 988 – Cannon Beach, Oregon

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